Why Should You Opt for A Digital India CSP

The Government of India is now putting special stress on opening several Bank Customer Service Points across the country. If you are not aware of them, know that they are agents of banks and work from private spaces on their behalf. The scheme has dual purpose. It not only aims at bringing every India citizen under banking system, but also to provide a sustainable income opportunity for the unemployed. Indeed, if you are unemployed, above eighteen and have the capacity to make minimal investment, go for Bank CSP Apply. Along with earning money, you will be able to take part in India’s development.

The main benefit of CSPs is that they can provide branchless banking to the workers and laborers belonging to the lower income group. In most cases, they do not have documents for opening accounts or live and work far away from the nearest branch, as a result of which they could not take advantage of the banking. But now in Digital India CSP has been created to serve the dual purpose of providing them with banking facilities and the unemployed population with income opportunity.

Remember that the Bank CSP Apply has been designed only for those who do not hold any regular job. However, to become CSP or Bank Mitra, as the post is known in Hindi, one has to fulfill certain stipulations such as passing minimum tenth standard, having a small retail space with computer and internet connection etc. While applying for it, you will have to furnish the business address along with police verification certificate, ID proof, address proof, passbook copy etc.

Truly, in Digital India CSP provides a great income opportunity for those who are honest, responsible and hard-working as much as it provides benefits to the poor, who have hitherto, suffered exploitation by a certain section of the society. By opening a CSP, you will not only earn a decent income, but will also help them to get banking facilities by opening Jan Dhan Accounts and Atal pension account, for them. That apart, CSPs also enable the agents to earn from other mutually beneficial scheme like Suraksha Beema, Jeevan Jyoti Beema, bill payment services, recharge services, money transfer services etc.

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